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Press & Praise





“Bidi Bidi Bum Bum has cured Edward's dry and red cheeks!!! Also already helping a dry patch on his leg (which I've been applying Aquaphor to like a madman and nada)!!! Thank You!!!!”

— Atty & Edward, San Francisco, CA


"Your (rosemary & nettles hair) oil is so wonderful and perfect. My scalp and my locks thank you. I have thinning on the middle of my head/scalp and sides, so I ned the rosemary for the stimulation and the nettle for hopefully regrowth, and of course all of the anti-fungal and bacterial benefits. I read that the combo is really good for what I'm experiencing.”

— Tatiana, Brooklyn, NYC


"A heart-felt thank you for the (goodnight kiss) tea. It was so soothing and gorgeous and restorative. What i liked most was the flowers that bloomed when coaxed by heat. truly spectacular. and the scent was just so relaxing. i added a little organic honey and ginger and it was divineeeeeeeee. i'm also loving the balm. comfrey is true medicine. it's healing my sore back in unexpected ways.”

— Jenna, Brooklyn, NYC


“Shout out to @moonmotherapothecary organic skincare products. The Moon Mother's comfrey skin salve was a GOD SEND when I had a cold a few weeks ago. Comfrey heals wounded skin, so I rubbed this salve all over my nose to prevent chaffing from nose-blowing. Eucalyptus oil in the salve also helped clear my sinuses. Vivaporu 2.0!.”

— Yisa, Inwood, NYC


"Seriously, this lavender salve is everything. It's been the cure to my sore muscles after the gym and has alleviated my lower back pain so much. I woke up brand new again."

— Frances, Bronx, NYC


"Thank you so much for the chamomile tincture. I planned on using it for when my daughter started teething, but I remember you telling me it's also good to help soothe and relax the little ones. I gave half of a dropper of this tincture to my 5-month old daughter and it helped her nap during the day. This is big for me because she barely sleeps more than 45 minutes during the day. She woke up so rested with a good amount of sleep. This works, and thank you so much for making trusted products for our children."

— Lisa, Brooklyn, NYC


"Goodnight Kiss put me right to sleep in the gentlest way! I woke up feeling so well rested and refreshed. And the lip balm is all I've been using!!!...Here to rave about your awesome products again--your coffee scrub is my favoriteeeeeeeeeee exfoliator right now...p.s. I always keep one of your salves in my bag and one at my desk.”

— Frankie, Washington Heights, NYC


"Muscle rubs were a hit this evening! People started busting them out of the bags and applying right away!”

— Trina, Brooklyn ,NYC